Account freeze and credit freeze

My account got frozen yesterday and after I send mail they are replying that there is a law enforcement complaint against my account but I never did anything wrong and they told that they are in the process of taking details from the other party and will shere but they didn’t share anything…what will I do please reply if they will not tell my mistake then how will I prove them that I am not fraud they are fraud …i request you to please unfroze my account please

@Alok_Abhigyan the experience can be harrowing. I agree. Please follow up with the Cyber care team to get the details like the complaint number, contact details of the police station that has sent the email to freeze your account. Once you get the details, starts the long and arduous journey of follow ups, pleading for help. Be prepared for the discussions to move further smoothly if you are in a position to “look after them”.

No one is replying no one is giving me change to proff now tell me how will I show you that I am not fruad i can send you proff and transaction details please tell them to reply and also tell law enforcement agency to reply I sent all proofs to them now they are not responding what is my fault …

@Alok_Abhigyan I am not a part of the Jupiter team. I am one of the community member that uses the Jupiter platform. Follow ups are an integral part of this process. One cannot escape it. And more importantly, patience is the key.

In saying this out of personal experience.

They only say that there is complaint from UP law enforcement agency and there is a complaint 2 days before buy still they didn’t send me the details of the person…if they will not share his details how will I prove them that he is doing fruad with me I am not . I can send his transaction details once I got to know the person details but they are not responding please tell me now what I do

Thanks for the feedback!

Fr! They have so many useless pages in the Jupiter app. I think adding a page detailing where Jupiter can’t be used would help alot of people.

You will only get the name of the law enforcement agency who is investigating the complaint against you. Rest of the details, unfortunately have to be extracted from the LEA