🌟 40% Discount on Swiggy using Jupiter Card


  • OFFER : 40% Off upto Rs.200 (Orders above Rs.199)

  • 3 Times/user/Month

Appreciate this offer, Jupiter Team :clap:
Helpful for those who don’t have CC offers to rely on…

Hope to see more great discounts :heart_eyes:


fantastic this is
since when did it start ?
didn’t know because Jupiter app rewards tab has no mention of it

Wait, what? If this is true., then

Ek Order to banta hai is baat pe :wink:

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It’s done!!!

Arrives in 30 minutes!

:pizza: :chicken: :yum:

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Oh! Good find :stuck_out_tongue:
We’ll mention this in the rewards tab soon. Most probably today.

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Bring more such offers for Ola Cabs, Recharges & Bills, Amazon & Flipkart, IRCTC, Fuel Payments etc. Would appreciate that. :+1:


In-app bill payment would be great to have with some extra perks

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Sad to see that the jupiter swiggy discount got nerfed. From 40% upto 250 to 30% upto 125.


Thanks Jupiter for the discountπŸ‘

Btw Happy Birthday to me

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