While depositing money, wrong number will be shown when you erase the zeros entered

  • Date and time of the bug
    16th Mar, 2022, 10 AM.

  • Action: What did you do to produce the bug?
    I wanted to deposit 1000rs to my jupiter account. I entered 10,000rs instead of 1000rs. Now when
    you try to erase the zeros it shows some values that are greater than 10000.

For example,
Enter -10,000
Erase/Cancel 1 zero - 10,000(Nothing happens)
Erase/Cancel 1 more zero - 1,000
Erase/Cancel 1 more zero shows this number instead of 100 - 10,00,100

  • Expected result: What was supposed to happen.
    It should just erase the zeros and show 100rs.

  • Actual result: What actually happened.
    It shows 10,00,100 which is wrong

  • Device name and model: Eg: OnePlus 8T
    OnePlus 6T

  • Reproducibility: No. of times you were able to produce the bug.
    Every time when you follow the above steps.

  • Connection type: Eg: Wi-Fi/Mobile data

  • Name of the cellular/ Wi-Fi provider: Eg: Airtel

  • Screenshots/video: Keeping in mind - no personal information is shown. If itโ€™s visible, please do hide it.


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Whoa! @DarshanP thanks for sharing this.
Weโ€™ll get this one checked and try to reproduce the same.

I tried to do this but it turned out to be normal.


Just checked on ios. Canโ€™t reproduce the bug on my build.

Interesting indeed.

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