Which payment mode has highest Convenience fees?

Which payment method you guys prefer for amounts over 50,000 rs ?(assume convinience fee also). Do you guys have an hack to avoid such fees?


As showing UPI & RuPay cards are free but some Bank doens’t support ₹50K Transfer at once through UPI .

If you’ve PayTm Bank , You can try .
I’ve tried ₹99K from Paytm Bank ( using UPI) .

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@Roshan How much trustable is UPI for high amount transactions :joy:. (I heard people complaining about transaction failures and took more than three days to get the amount back)

Have you ever faced any issues?


Recently I didn’t face such issues for any big Bank account . I do daily transaction.
Earlier I faced same issue that you’ve heard.

Few Transactions get failed but refunded instantly.

Paytm has more successful rate . Now a days GPay & Phone are also appreciable.

I had one recent issue with Airtel Payment Bank , Airtel Payment Bank usually stuck :grinning:

I Use Paytm Bank , Federal (Jupiter + Fi ) , Central Bank of India, Sometime Equitas SFB, PNB & SBM .

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I use UPI for amounts below 25K. But above i use bank transfer/ cards

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I use credit card wherever it is accepted… else upi to hai hi.

@Dhruv Have u felt any transaction failures using upi :joy:

UPI is getting a real-time fix soon when something goes kaput :crossed_fingers:Fintech News Bytes - #21 by Binoy


@Binoy Thats something revolutionary :zap::zap:


Earlier it used to fail. But nowadays either transaction goes through or gets declined. Fortunately I haven’t had to face the money hold up till now.

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