Which bank has best customer service?

Hi folks,
Which bank do you think is most customer centric and responsive to customer issues?
I think in money matters, trust and reliability is much more important than freebies and discounts. I would gladly pay 1-2 % premium to such banks, knowing that if anything goes wrong my bank would be on my side like payment stuck, transaction failed, frauds, etc. What’s your opinion on this?

If you want best service then you can go with IDFC First Bank

Personally using Since 2020 June almost 1 year ago

They’re one of the best bank in Customer Service with their mobile banking I raised a request via Mobile Banking they called me next day and resloved the problem.

Or if you want Best branch service then you can go with IndusInd Bank One Of the Best bank In Branch Service!!.

Every Month I got a call from branch and they ask if I have any problem with them so they will reslove it.

My Personal Experiance


I had opened kotak 811 in 2016-2017 don’t remember exactly and later I upgraded it. I don’t remember ever I called my bank customer service for any issue, cause I didn’t face anything. And kotak is the first bank who offered me credit card on a zero balance account and helpled me to take my first step in credit score.
Today I’ve a very good relationship with kotak and have a good credit limit of cc/dc/loan etc etc…

Later I’ve opened niyo idfc zero balance and literally they have a very good customer support and best thing free where now a days mostly bank charges. Also they have callback features via app. And there new app is just awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

Mostly I do txn online and I don’t keep cash in pocket (₹10 b nai) and I don’t visit branch (last time visited in 2017 Canara bank)

I’ve other banks too but I’m not happy with them sometime because of xyz reasons.

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Thats great from IndusInd. Being so proactive is unheard of in Indian banks.

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I also rarely visit bank branches. Most of the banking needs are met online.
Callback feature much needed in banking apps.
Though banking and payment apps are quite robust, but when some problem occurs, actual person is much more helpful than chatbots and automated responses. I have had horrible experiences in connecting to customer care in Paytm, Phonepe and Icici bank.
Atleast Idfc recognised this issue :clap:t2:

I had only one bank account until 2019. Since 2019 I opened many Bank accounts but among them Kotak is the best. I think everyone will agree with me.
They are the first private sector Bank to offer zero balance account(not PMJDY account).
They are the first to introduce biometric KYC facility.
They are the first to introduce Video KYC.
Most of us don’t prefer to visit branches. So, for digital banking definitely Kotak.
And I haven’t faced any issue with them yet.

Since the topic is about customer centric,I would go with IDFC in this regard. When you make a call,T
the call get connected instantly and they get resolved soon.

For physical banking I prefer ICICI. At least I haven’t faced any issue at my branch yet.

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I’ve had good experiences with Kotak bank. Whenever you visit the branch they treat you like guest. They don’t pitch you any promotions unless you ask explicitly. As expected, they do charge premium though.

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I also Prefer Kotak Mahindra Bank…Only their Problem Is , They Are spamming all day with Promotions and their 811 account :joy::joy:


Great recommendations… thank you so much :blush:

I did not have a good experience with Kotak.

I opened 811 and transferred some funds to it.
Then the IFSC Code changes and post that I was not aable to make any payments. Call support guys were like brainless robots who were not even trying to understand.

It took several rounds of Complaint on Twitter, NetBanking Support(which was also just copy paste mostly) and almost 2 weeks to get any kind of transfer out active. Almost another week to get all type of transfers working.

IMO Paytm Payments Bank is the smoothest and fastest digital banking platform, if your transfers/payments are mostly under 1L.


True. Paytm payments bank is lightning fast, nothing comes close. Limit has now been raised to 2L.

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That’s exactly what I’m trying to know. How banks respond when things don’t work out. Because many banks have good apps, features and benefits. But all this means nothing if in time of need, they don’t respond and try to solve customers problem.

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I agree… Transactions through Paytm are lightening fast. But I don’t find their customer support very responsive. Also they have lot of hidden terms and conditions.

I don’t like one thing about Paytm Payments Bank that although they claim to have all the digital Payment options but I haven’t seen any payment option other than UPI in the banking section of the app.

They will use alternate payment mode if Their UPI service is down

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I think there hasn’t been much requirement for me to contact them. Payments barely fail, and if it does the payment is reversed quickly or the issue is resolved in 2-3 Days.

Even if there is a payment failure and there is a third party involved, I don’t think it can get resolved in less than 2 working days.

What kind of hidden charges are you talking about?

Also, Paytm can’t beat the rulers of Hidden Charges viz. HDFC, ICICI :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Their refunds sure are slick fast. It shouldn’t be possible considering reconciliation time and different parties involved. I don’t know how they do that. I’m curious.

There is always a third party.
And its true that normally amount reversal happens in 2-3 days, sometimes its necessary to contact customer care to failure reason, transaction status, etc.
For hidden terms, do you know that Paytm postpaid takes their cut in every transaction. Can you decipher the exact fd rate in Paytm bank. And often their promotional offers will not work. They will have another offer on the same transaction category and it will apply automatically, giving less rewards.
And off course Icici and hdfc are kings of hidden charges… thats why we are moving towards digital and neo banks.

Earlier Paytm Postpaid waa good, but not so much these days. When it comes to credit offering there are always Pros and Cons.

And regarding FD, whenever there’s upto you won’t know. But they are pretty flexible, I think :thinking:

Anyways, no bank is perfect in every offering.

What I mean is Paytm is really good, if it comes to smooth and fast day to day payments. If you pair that with GPay and PhonePe, it’s great.

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That’s true.

There is very less chance that the payment fails when you transact through Paytm.