What will you get along with jupiter debit card in first delivery?

Today i got my jupiter debit card. But i wasn’t there in my address area at the delivery time, so i told the delivery guy to give it to a person which i know. After 2 days, that’s today i received it from him. So i want to know what will you get along with jupiter debit card. All i got is a debit card along with a sticker card.


I got a thick paper cover with atm and stickers :thinking:…

Thats it i think, i dont remember it now


Same things i got.
Ok i read from a review that more items were there along with it. It was an old review, that’s why I asked


Maybe an old review.

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What we get , are :-

  1. Delivery Box ( just Transparent thin Plactic cover :smile: , unwrap it)

  2. Good quality box made with paper.

  3. Inside it , you get a “ fancy book :sweat_smile: , I don’t know why” but not related to Bank .

  4. Under small box which contains ATM Card , along with QR Code ( Printed Your Name)

  5. Stickers are present in that fancy book :joy:.


I think boxs and booklets are for Fi :thinking:. I got only a flat cover and stickers​:roll_eyes:…

@Shawnpinto Do we get boxs for debit cards now?

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@Aswin_Benny box = in which you got ATM Card

I got it inside a wrapped cover

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:smiling_face_with_tear: they got rid of the box, now it comes in a envelope with your stickers, general information about the card and Jupiter and your card.


Yes thats what i recieved

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