What value does jupiter give?

am new here , would like to know what value i can achieve being here on Jupiter and not Mars

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Good question! I’ll let the folks answer this one.

What do you guys think? We’ve been a part of Jupiter for a while now. Let us know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Hey, welcome to Jupiter :wink:

As you asked what values Jupiter provides to Customer so I can answer with my experience from last 2-3 Month.

I have not seen any Neo Bank who is providing Cashback On Transaction like Debit Card/UPI
TnC Apply

So as a customer I think Jupiter gives Lifetime free Debit card/Cheque Book, RBI Appoved Bank Live Chat CS plus you’re getting Visa Benefit on your debit card.

Jupiter and Bullet are from same company so you can aslo Use Bullet UPI On Credit they will assign you some limit which you can use it anywhere as you want but currently they are not accepting new users because they are waiting for the approval from NPCI.

Jupiter gives you feature called Pots where you can deposit little little money to achieve your dream.

For example you want Air Pods So you can create a pot and deposit some money little little :money_mouth_face:.

Plus Jupiter has their own community you can share your thoughts to build the Jupiter and add the features.

I think it’s enough as a customer I’m saying you can join us anytime :wink:

So come and Say Hi To Jupiter :slightly_smiling_face:


awesome, thanks , will look through and DMOR

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The value you would get to be on Jupiter is exclusivity. Mars is Elon’s love affair.
Secondly, instead of speculating about colonisation on Mars, Jupiter have all sorts of inhabitants for you to not feel lonely.
Thirdly, Mars have crevices and cracks on its surface where there’s a risk of losing your assets.
But Jupiter inhabitants enjoy specialised crevices known as Pots where you can park your assets without losing them.

There are other planets where there’s rapid development and greedy people might lure you or trick you into spending your assets. And then there are some planets like Mars where there’s no civilisation to even use an asset. But on Jupiter, a steady development pace, allows you to spend your assets without the fear of anybody tricking you to spend more than you want to.

But pls do bring your spacesuit with you.