What’s the eligibility criteria?

Really excited for the Jupiter app launch. However, a few points were still unclear. If anyone could assist or link a relevant article.

  • Who’s exactly eligible for an account? Like fi.money, is it only restricted to working individuals or open to all?

  • Any clue on average monthly balance or is it a zero balance account?

fi currently open for working professional but Jupiter will be open for all.
Register for early access on jupiter.money
It’s a zero balance Savin account in partnership with federal bank.

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Account is open to all. Though we would have additional benefits for users if they use it for salary account.

Minimum balance requirement is zero but we recommend to deposit 25-30k minimum to get full benefits of Jupiter features.


That makes sense. Thank you sir. Really excited for this product launch.
Community tabs @ Jupiter are stronger game than the social media handles and that speaks a lot about commitment.
Fingers crossed.


Will the account be available for existing users of Federal Bank?

not in the first phase for existing users

Will college students be eligible?

I think yes students are eligible

Anyone above age of 18

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