Watching my Portfolio is Tough as Finding Lettuce in Hamburger?

Watching Fund Performances in Investment section is Worst.Make it Easy to Find

Hello @Chikun_Resilient, good morning and welcome to the community! I wanted to let you know that the investment tab has recently undergone some changes, and I hope you are using the latest updated version. Please note that while investments made through Jupiter will update quickly, it may take some time for external funds to be updated. Your feedback will definitely be reviewed by the investment team, and you can expect updates on their progress.

You can read about the updates here:

On a funny note: Finding lettuce in hamburger is not a tough job :rofl:

Hello, it would be helpful if you could offer a little more insight on this.

Hey @Chikun_Resilient , could you share your navigation steps?
That will be helpful.

Also, let us know where you expect it to be.

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Thank u so Much Community U Replied my Questins and Now main Topic is I had Invested in two Funds Companies but Watching all the Investment performance is Quite difficult as we all know thta it is A Banking platform also It is A NEI banking Platform which is differ from Many Mobike Banking Apps So Personally I need Easy and Convenient Feature to watch My Folios and Gratefull that Everyone is Here to help New bie like me.Thabj you