Get Insights on your MF Portfolio

“Did you say You invest in Mutual Funds?”

Do YOU know IF

:question:Your portfolio performance beats the benchmark or not?
:question:You’re paying EXTRA Commissions
:question:Your Portfolio is even aligned to Growth

Having second thoughts? :lying_face:

Fret Not Friend, you’re not alone.:cold_face:

@nprashant_nayakanti also had similar worries and that is when we decided to solve this

:drum: Presenting before you :drum:

Fun Fact: We also tell when you’d become a Crorepati :money_mouth_face::yum:

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I had my portfolio analyzed earlier and redistributed as per those suggestions.
Checked its health again with your analyzer and was amazed!

Thanks for sharing the hidden commissions, this was a life saver.
Not to forget, Redirection to money control was a delicious unexpected bonus :yum:

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Easy, readable report with clean UI
The slide on direct vs regular funds was super insightful, probably will save a lot now!

Btw, As per this, Imma be a Crorepati by 2027 :stuck_out_tongue: :see_no_evil:
What about you all?

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This was much needed!
I always thought I was doing a fair job with my investments until I realised I didn’t beat the market :disappointed_relieved:
Any equity Analyzer in the Pipeline folks? I’m apprehensive of my choices

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