Pathetic experience with MF investment

This is a pathetic service from Jupiter Investment MF.

I invested my emergency fund of 85k in Quant MF via Jupiter. Now, the dashboard is not showing that investment. When I raise the support request they keep on saying our team is working we will update you soon. It has been three days, and the same response.

I initially thought service and application were damn good but my opinion has been changed.

With this, I never suggest to anyone to do investment via Jupiter

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When you contacted the support team, was a ticket# shared with you?

I didn’t get a ticket. It’s chat with open state

It’s been 4 days still the issue didn’t resolved

It’s been 7 days still the issue hasn’t been resolved.

Hello Mohan,

Our team connected with you on call. Thank you for confirming that the issue has been resolved. We are also happy to inform you that your portfolio has also been successfully updated. Once again, we extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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I do

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