UPI Payment request notification

Hi @Shawnpinto

Today i have made a transaction through UPI request on 2:28 PM but notification received for the same on 2:35 PM, and interestingly showing as request expire on 2:33 PM

Need to shut out this problem early

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When i use the UPI payment feature on Cube, i keep the payments tab open om the Jupiter App.

@Satyajit_Singh You’re right. The timing is off. Thanks for raising it here, we’ll check why this has happened.

It’s not a bug. Give us some time to investigate.

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SMS comes instantly though.


Why mostly at night jupiter stops working in UPI?

I have not seen this issue personally. But yes if you have turned sleep mode on, then the transactions stop between 12 AM to 6 AM.

I think the sleep mode is only for the debit card transaction, not for UPI txn :confused:

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Yes sleeping mode only work with DC