Update: When can existing federal bank customers open a Jupiter account?


Can you please explain me how useful it is, if you provide Jupiter services for existing Federal Bank customers.

I think you people are excited to provide services to existing Federal Bank customers. But, you people(Jupiter Team) are not practical. Do you think that customers will continue only with Jupiter account when you provide services to existing Federal Bank customers? No way.

Present, there are three types of Federal Bank customers.

  1. Direct bank account holders.
  2. Fi-Neo banking customers and
  3. Jupiter Neo banking customers.

Customers having two accounts in same bank, definitely they choose only one account. If it is a direct bank account, no doubt they will never use Jupiter account after few days of using. Alternatively there is also having ‘Fi’(neo banking), providing same federal Bank account.


Instead of providing services to existing customers in Federal Bank. Select Axis Bank (your UPI partner) as one more banking partner to provide Jupiter services.


Why do you think so that people will not use Jupiter after few days?
Direct bank has no cashback/less cashback
For each and every concern bank told us to visit there branch
No good support from direct banks
Charges for upi/debit/credit card

Jupiter & Fi benefits
Free lifetime debit card
24*7 support
Rare branch visit
Online account opening
And many more in pipeline.


It shouldn’t matter to end user what the underlying bank is. Ideally, Jupiter is all the user faces.

@sneh.baxi @Jiten

Any confirmation on date regarding the access for existing Federal Bank Customers?


Me to wating for date I’m aslo existing customer I think they announce this month end.

@sneh.baxi Has existing Federal customer’s onboarding started? I got my number verified just now and after completing every step, at the last page where it says your jupiter account is being created, it got some error like something went wrong. Pls clarify.

Phone number is getting verified now. But after entering PAN CARD number, It will show as existing Federal Bank customers are not allowed. Won’t proceed after this step.


Seems work is in progress for the issue, tried was able to verify the number and PAN card, but then got the error that currently only new to Federal Bank customers are allowed

This change was made as we are working toward bringing the Jupiter experience to existing Federal Bank users soon


Any timeline to this? An approximation?

I read that to get the FirstList cashback offer, we’ve to onboard before 31st July.
Are then the existing Federal customers gonna miss out on that @sneh.baxi ?

Need not worry. We will not let anyone miss out on benefits of 3 months due to our delays


thanks @Jiten
really appreciate it :+1:

Do you have a date to share for existing Federal Bank customers?

Bhai jaldi dedo. Kal subah Panvel nikalna hain


I completely agree with you in this regard. But what if the partnership between Federal Bank and Jupiter called off in the near future just like Niyo and IDFC?
Recently Niyo removed it’s Niyo IDFC app from Play store and that too without giving proper explanation to its previous Niyo IDFC customers. I had to ask both Niyo and IDFC separately what will be the fate of the account created in partnership of both.
This is ridiculous.
People had trust on Niyo. They atleast needed an proper explanation before any of this had happened.
That’s why I can’t rely more on Neo banks any more.


Any update for existing federal bank customers asking about estimated date


That was not a problem they discontinued with the product and the customers were direct customer of the bank now… You can get all idfc features with a zero balance account… In idfc app its showing niyo zero balance account… You have idfc customer id, NetBanking + every month some spend basis offers on debit card… Many users got credit card pre approved on that account… Like idfc has only 2 varient 10k and 25k for all these facilities and you are getting all on a zero balance… So why should you loose trust on neo banking… Just enjoy the benefits… :yellow_heart:

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Now it’s showing SA alliances in account category is it still zero balance?

Yes, it is still a zero balance account since we still have the Visa Platinum Debit card which comes with Zero balance account.
IDFC customer representative confirmed it.

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