Unable to open savings account with obscure message

I applied for a Jupiter edge CSB credit card last month. During that time, I didn’t opt for a savings account. Now, as I’m accumulating jewels, I realize I need a jupiter savings account to redeem them.

Now if I try to open a savings account, I’m greeted with an error page that says

Sorry, your account could not be created

Unfortunately this can happen if your profile does not match Jupiter’s policies

The in-app customer service and chat bot have not been very useful or informational regarding this.

I’d appreciate if I can get some help or at least someone throw some light on this issue. Worst case scenario, I’d cancel this credit card. I have no use for a credit card whose (already low) rewards I can’t redeem. I can’t even use the investments part of jupiter app without the savings account.

Lol. Same problem. They even took my pan card details. I cant even see how the app looks like. Cheating

Funny thing is, they issued me a credit card, which is supposed to need more scrutiny, in fast track mode. Got it delivered physically in just 2 days after applying.

But they aren’t letting me open a savings account. The math ain’t mathing.