Unable To open Jupiter Account, Please help

Hello All,

I am unable to open the Jupiter account, I am getting an error, The error is “Federal Bank account detected, Full Kyc not Done”.

At the time Fi.money Account creation I got that federal bank account, but later I closed My fi Account, So I think it is causing me Trouble.

i have contacted fi.money and federal bank support, but no use.

Can someone help to Open an account with Jupiter?

First you have to complete your full kyc in your fi account

So first reopen fi account then you can open this Jupiter account

you should have completed your full kyc before deleting your account in fi

Yes, But I have no idea at the time of deletion. I am looking for alternate solutions now.

Thanks for replaying.

There is no way to reopen a fi account.

Thanks for replaying.

Fi money lets users reapply after a cooling period of 90 days. You can request them to reopen after 90 days and complete the full KYC there.

This cooling period is for those people whose account is not able to open in fi. If you close Fi, Jupiter, Niyox or any other online account opened once, then you can never open it again.

If you want to open an account on Jupiter then you have only one way, you have to open a new account with full KYC in Federal Bank. When did you request for closure of fi account?Has it been more than 7 days and did you get this email that your fi account has been closed.

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Yes, It has been 6 months since it was closed. I will try to open New account with federal bank. Thanks for the help