Unable to complete the setup

I tried to signup to Jupiter android app and while setting up debit card pin, it says No message available. I m stuck

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Hai @Penny_Maker Welcome to the community
Suggest you to capture the image or record the issue from another phone and kindly send to support@jupiter.money for creating a support ticket.
You can also share the same here :v:t2:

@Penny_Maker did you get a verification SMS?

Is the SIM in the SIM1 slot?

Some things that you can check by yourself before you go to the customer support.

Yes I got verifiication SMS, SIM is in Slot 1

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You can try to do a reset the app/clear storage and cache and try again. Maybe it will work then.

Tried, no luck

Oh! Too bad…

I guess the only option left is to contact customer support. :slightly_frowning_face:

Please attach the error image or recording here, if possible
I hope you have created the account without any problem and the issue is with setting up of Debit Card Pin

I m unable to send recording here as it is in mp4 format, i have sent email to support

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Ok. That’s great. :+1:t2:
It may be some technical bug and the concerned team will look into it and I hope it gets solved soon :+1:t2:

I had tried to do a transaction before setting up the account and doing KYC, because of which my account was freezed. I called the customer care, they unfreezed the account for me, after that I was able to set the PIN. We are good to close this


Great! Congratulations… Enjoy. :grinning:

Thanks for the update. :+1:

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