Transaction failure rate for debit card is very high

Yeah absolutely @Abinash_Samal

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Thanx bro i install it

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This is being resolved now . Sorry for all inconvenience due to the issue


We’ve fixed the underlying issue. Your Debit Card transactions should go through now.

Enjoy Jewels for your transactions ! It’s the start of a new month.

And as always, thanks for the patience :+1:


Hello @Jiten @Chirag_Heda I tried to transact through my debit card on PayZapp and the results were still negative. I’ll be glad if someone can assist me regarding this please. Thankyou

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Howmuch reward in a month?

Sure. DMing you for details.

Hi Abinash

If you’re part of our Firstlist, you can earn Jewels worth Rs 500 / month on Debit Card transactions for the first 3 months.

Once you completed your Video KYC (feature expected to go-live later this month), you would be able to earn an additional Rs 500 / month on UPI merchant transactions for 3 months as well.


What is the minimum amount of transaction does the user has to do to avail the Jewel as cashback?
I mean does the jewels can be credited as parts to the User’s Jewel wallet?
For e.g.If I do a transaction of Rs.99, do I still get jewels as cashback?

Min. 100rs bro @DEBASISH_SAHU

Thanks for confirming :grinning: @Apoorv_Pranshu.
I’m waiting to onboard on Jupiter.

Are you firstlist user ???

Because I think those rewards are not applicable for nextlist users .


I’m a existing Federal Bank Customer.
Actually I’ve a Fi saving account.
And Yes, I’ve enrolled myself in Firstlist.

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You forgot to mention yourself broo :joy::joy:

Try E-mail OTP appears on payment page