This winter, We are adding GPS to your money!

What are we upto? Take a guess!

Are you referring budget tracker?

This will be :fire:.

It’d be cool to track the location of where I did a specific qr scanner payment/ debit card at. If not the exactl coordinates, at least 100m close to it.


Mai nahi karna chahta apna location share. Isee karan se to mai g pay use nahi karta tha. Ab gpay ne location vala system hata diya tab mai g pay use karne laga hu.

Not close.

I don’t prefer this…

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It’d make sense to keep it optional. Those who want it can opt in. No frills.


Ye gpay mein bar bar banks ka server down show karta hai jiske kaaran varsh mene delete kar diya Paytm use karna nhi cahata tha but


I thought Gpay issue was just me. Happy to know it is happening for many :joy:
Removed oksbi upi handle and issue is really less now. But I still dont use gpay because of the tension it gave me while paying.

But i like Gpay’s clean UI


This! The sole competiton Gpay has in server crashes is humara Jupiter UPI scanner. :sweat_smile:

I stick to Paytm and works 99.9% of the time. No clue how they make it happen tho.

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