Terrible UX — Instant Credit annoying modal

As a salary account holder, I find this modal to pitch for instant credit extremely disappointing. I understand Jupiter has business goals to meet but that doesn’t mean you literally throw experience out of the window. Additionally, the cross button’s touch target is so small even my kid-sized fingers take 4-5taps to get it right. Please please please improve this experience by simply providing a “Don’t ask again” option. For the sake of good design :saluting_face:

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Hey @keeithvz thanks for sharing your thoughts friend.

Users receive this screen when they’re eligible for our Instant Cash feature. Since you’re a salary account holder, it’s a perk for you! :raised_hands:
It’s a form of communication which happens only once.

Ideally, it shouldn’t appear again.

Regarding the ‘x’
We believe it’s the right size :blobthink:
Making it bigger would make the banner feel weird.

Thanks for the clarity on this @Shawnpinto ! I understand the context a bit better now. Would suggest y’all consider a few subtler ways of showing though. I think one way the app already shows me is on the homescreen below the UPI ID. It’s good enough visibility without hindering my experience. Anyway if shown once it’s fine. But yeah the team needs to check this bug as it appears every I mean every single time I open the app. It just makes it look like being a regular/non-salary was more peaceful.

Regarding the ‘X’ I was suggesting not the visual but the touch target to be made bigger. It’s something the designer will need to specify with the developer to increase the touch target bounding box around the icon. As per accessibility standards, 44px should be the minimum.

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Got it.

This section is our discovery. It’s just a section on the home screen for you to access Instant Cash.

But as a user, you wouldn’t know if you’re eligible if it’s not conveyed, No? I believe we’re also sending other comms through emails, PN, etc to notify users.

Hmm, lemme share this with our design team. Thanks for sharing the specifics :blob_thanks:

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If a user isn’t eligible for an instant credit loan why show them in the first place then? And if they are then simple copy changes can make a difference in making it actionable VS currently just stating a product. As a designer myself, I believe there’s a better approach than throwing a full screen pop up on the user everytime they launch the app to notify them they are eligible for a credit product that isn’t remotely related to my actual banking needs with my own money. I’d use this kind of an intrusive pattern sparingly for important account related information that requires urgent attention.

Regarding the X button thanks for considering the feedback :slight_smile:


@Shawnpinto the pop up is still persistent despite multiple updates. What does it take to get across critical user feedback to the team? I’m more than happy to going back to being a non-salary user if this is how it’ll continue.

Hey @keeithvz can you let me know if the same pop up showed up again?
(The one shared above)

Or is it a different one?

For context, we’ve optimising the appearance of the pop ups. It should be once per life time. It ideally shouldn’t appear again :blob_worried:

Also, would need some details to check why this had happened. Reaching out to you through DMs.

Hey @Shawnpinto its the same pop-up every time since more than a month :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Got it.
@keeithvz we’ve disabled it for now. It shouldn’t appear again since you’ve already seen it.

If it does show up again (It shouldn’t, but still) , can you share a screenshot with me?

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Thanks a ton @Shawnpinto ! The issue has been resolved. Such a relief :slight_smile: Will let you know if the issue resurfaces.


Dear @keeithvz, Happy to hear the issue got resolved.
I would like to kindly ask you to please choose the “Solution” “Solved” or “Mark as solved” option if available, so that this thread can be automatically closed. This will be beneficial for those who encounter similar issues in the future and need a reference.

Actually, when you mark your thread as “Solved”, it becomes hidden from the community after some days and can only be viewed by the post owner. Other user can’t see the post.

Really? :eyebrow: :eyebrow:
That is completely new information to me. Any idea about the time duration? Becoz I can still see posts with the ‘Solved’ tag which was posted a month ago.

As an example, the highlighted post in the screenshot below is marked as “Solved”. If you navigate to my account, you will be unable to view the post.

This kind of sounds like procrastination:
Never solve your problems :laughing: