Switching off tap & go feature

There can be additional option in debit card on app to manually switch off the tap & go feature, which do not required pin to get enter.

This will allow user to fall in pray of some misuse of this feature.

There can be a option of manually adding limit of tap & go .
As for right now we need to drag the key to set limit, & in my app its directly showinv 15k , but i wanted to set it at 2k.


Tap and Go?:thinking:

That option is actually there in the app. As a drop down

It’s probably tap and pay.
@dr.avil Check this out - Disabling Tap and Pay - #8 by Shawnpinto

As @Aswin_Benny mentioned, yes. You can disable tap and pay in the app.
Head over to card settings > Advanced > Manage transaction settings > You will see two + signs. They are actually drop downs > Tap on domestic transactions > Contactless payments (Toggle for on/off)

We should really make this easier to find :sweat_smile:


Yep, it’s buried in the settings. Maybe we could make it a tad more user intuitive.
And we definitely need the limits to be under 15K.

15,000 is way too high for a minimum limit :smile:


@Shawnpinto any charges for using this?

I don’t think there’s any charges for contactless option on card. @CarolinMerces

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