Contact less Payment allow set lower limits

Please look into it. We can set the contactless payment limit to 0 or direct 15000, with no in-between. Sometimes users don’t trust this feature or due to security concerns, want it set to as low as 1000 to 2000 so that if they risk, they are riskless. Please give us functionality to set a lower limit.


Damn, I didn’t realize this until now. Also, I believe merchant POS is limited to 2,000-5,000 inr for contactless and anything above will require pin.

Online stores like zomato is capped at 2000 without 3D secure authentication. (opt-in)

But agreed why does Jupiter make it 0 or 15,000.

Edit: nvm :skull: it is daily limit, meaning till how much you can spend using contactless in 1 day. I realized this once I saw it is in the daily limits category.

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@here A minimum of 5000 can be set now. Make sure you have the latest app version!

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