Contactless limit pay drop to Rs.5000

Right now the minimum amount limit for contactless domestic or international transaction is Rs. 15000, which is higher as per me. As a safety the minimum limit should be reduced to Rs. 2000 to Rs.5000.


Absolutely! I’d like this limit too. We should be able to set it between 2K to 5K for contactless.

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Anything more than 5K asks for your PIN. So, it’s OK na? :thinking:

Yup, that’s an additional layer of safety :eyes:

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It’s alright. Will work, but 5K still feels a tad high to me (budgetary constraints). I rarely track my debit card spends because I’m an idiot and wouldn’t want to be reminded of my bleeding wallet. :smile:

If I head to reliance mall (for example), I’m likely to make a purchase of 3K.

If I head to PVR, my expenses at the hall would be close to 2K.

I’d think being able to set a limit between 2K to 5K would be feasible. Maybe 3K?



Not sure about that. I am still waiting for my debit card. While setting up my app initially I thought of this.

Ha! This is a tad different use case that I never thought about. It makes sense now :+1:

Yes, any amount greater than 5k require pin but you can make 5 NFC payment in a day.
So, a total payment of ₹25K can be made without pin in a day.

Personally, I wouldn’t want this to be the limitation.

UPI has something similar wherein you are forced to use other apps for UPI should you do a lot of transactions in a day. :confused:

But I totally agree with the ₹₹₹ limitation before it asks for a PIN tho.