UPI request money limit 2k?

Normally banks allow up to 1L but Jupiter limit to request money is just 2k! why would you keep it so low ?

@Shawnpinto any thoughts ?

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The collect or request money feature limit is set to a max. of 2000 by RBI to reduce the rampant scam happening these days.

Not just Jupiter, that’s the case with Paytm, PhonePe and Google Pay too.


are you sure ? I’m doing bank to bank UPI request. don’t see 2k limit on iMobile when request 50k from Jupiter account.

I’m sure there’s a 2000 limit on popular third-party UPI apps. I guess, the banks are exempted from that.

Just used Phonepe in hope that I’ll see the same description in Jupiter & ICICI but on Jupiter just see a random reference no.

This is true.
Peer to peer collect request for everyone (all banks/UPI apps) is 2k only.

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