Unable to add money to my Jupiter account

Ref id: iaflyhslgPebW
I am unable to add even a small money to my Jupiter savings account. Getting following error, tried to add from Jupiter again getting same error.

Faced this issue first time on 26dec,2023 then on 02Jan,2024 and again today (03Feb,2024). Customer service said that there are no restrictions to your account and they had given ticket title as “Unauthorised UPI transaction”. @Nikhil_Godbole
Tired of reopening of the same ticket again and again. Any permanent solution other than closing account?

Are you sure that you are able to transfer to other accounts from same account today as per day limit seem exhausted from account you are transferring. @Archana_PN

Today I didn’t any transactions from my kotak bank, so most probably i didn’t touch the limit.

If the issue still there, try fund transfer via NEFT or IMPS.

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Hi Kiran,

It appears that you can now successfully add money and complete transactions. If you encounter any issues or have additional queries, please reach out to me via direct message (DM).

Thank you.