Debit Card Contactless Payment

Hello Team

In the app, under debit card management, there is no option to manually set a desired amount for Contactless Payment. There are only some preset values starting from ₹15K and continue as ₹30K,₹45K etc.

I need to set it for <5k. So add feature to manually set according to customer’s wish.

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@piyush @Vipul_Mehta pls look in to it

I think according to RBI, in India you can make a contactless payment of ₹5000 at max

Hi @Divyaansh_Agarwal

According to RBI one can pay max upto ₹5,000 contactless by without entering the pin. You can pay contactless >₹5,000 also, but you have to enter the debit card pin.

But my concern is different. Here in the app the default amount set by system is ₹15K and it’s multiples. I want to set it according to my wish which is <₹5K.

Hope you get more clarity.

Thanks & Regards,
Alan Abraham


Oh I didn’t know that pin scenario. Thanks for letting me know.


Hi Alan, the list that is set through the Jupiter app is daily limit. Since the range is quite high(0-300k) we have provided breaks of 15k. Do you want an option to input daily limit of your choice?

Hi @piyush,

Yes, it would be great if there is an option where I can set the limit ranging from 0-300K as per my wish.

With all other A/Cs I get this option rather than some pre-set values.

Thanks & Regards,
Alan Abraham