Feature suggestion - Limited credit option

Limited amount Credit option, waiting for your comments

@BluDot you will need to elaborate on this a little more

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A limited amount credit from 100 to 1000 INR as per the customer eligibility, it doesn’t matter about credit score or something for the exclusive purchase of consumer goods include food, appliances, clothing, and automobiles only.

Example like if A have a daily 100 INR credit limit whole month it will be a sum of 3000 they can use it for daily petrol daily food etc.

The most beautiful and important thing is normally every one get the salary in between 30th and 40th day then we can give the credit facility for salary date to salary date and to be very Frank there are more and more add-ons are pending…

Hopefully Waiting for your reply.

Together we can easily make miracles…

Nahaz K K

@BluDot Welcome to the community :+1:t2:
Are you suggesting a Credit Line feature similar to what BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) apps offer? Additionally, I advise against sharing personal information such as your mobile number on the forum. You can edit your post to remove such details. :+1:t2:

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BNPL is also practicable but as per the current status of Jupiter we can do more

Jupiter had a BNPL product named Edge (Former name was Bullet). It got discontinued after some RBI guidelines.
Since Jupiter recently launched Edge Credit Card and are also providing Loans on the app for eligible customers, I doubt Jupiter go for the Limited Credit Option as suggested by you .

The word limited is for daily use that’s why I suggested the name as #Jupiter_Every_Day. Dont compare with any product in market.