Jupiter postpaid for limit for mobile recharges

Jupiter postpaid for limit for mobile recharges, bill payment for 45 days

Dear @Jagroop_Singh Welcome to the community
Could you please elaborate on the issue/Feedback?

I think he is requesting Jupiter to provide ‘pay later’ feature for recharge and bill payments.

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Yes, I am asking for Jupiter pay later service for salaried person.


While Jupiter had a BNPL offering, currently salary account holders get access to early salary feature with an option to pay back with no interest or pay in equated instalments with an interest

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Dear @Jagroop_Singh, Sorry for not understanding your query completely, earlier.

Earlier Jupiter had a BNPL product similar to PAYTM Postpaid, and it was called JUPITER EDGE (its former name was BULLET). The user got a pre-approved credit limit and the same can be utilized for bill payments or recharges and can be repaid after 15 days. But unfortunately, the services were closed to RBI regulations related to BNPL services.

As @yagnesh01 sir said, at present, salary account holders get a feature called “On-demand salary” whereby he/she can get an early salary on whichever date they desire to withdraw that money.
Also, since, Jupiter is planning to introduce a co-branded credit card shortly, I hope that you will have the opportunity to acquire a credit limit associated with it. This credit limit can be utilized for recharges, bill payments, and subsequently repaid at a later date. :+1: :+1:

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@Jagroop_Singh You might be interested in the instant loan feature that we have.
You can find this on the home page.

But its only showing 10,000 only for 6 month, it should be 6-12 month around 30000 thousands

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The amount shown depends on multiple factors and it continues to evolve over time. The payment terms for the one demand salary feature is up to 6 months. Depending on your profile you might see an offer for a personal loan where the payment term is up to 12 months.