Swiggy Voucher Bug

In the home Jupiter home page, when you scroll down to the "Brand Voucher Deals :fire: " section, you see the first one is Swiggy with 7% Cashback, and under it it’s written “Now starting from Rs.100”. However, when you click on it, the minimum voucher amount is Rs. 500. I don’t know if this bug is just for me, or for everyone, but the team should look into it.

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Welcome to the community @iTcxic
Checked, but couldn’t see anything as pointed out by you.
Yes, the voucher is starting from 500 Rs.

My bad, I didn’t update my app before posting the bug report. Should have done that first :man_facepalming:. It doesn’t show that message anymore.

Glad to hear it is solved.
I request you to mark this thread as solved so that it would be closed automatically :+1:

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