Typo in Digital Gold offer

As the new reward structure is applied, but in the Gold offer section still mentions as maximum cashback of ₹150 per user. It should be 750 :jewel:

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750 Jewels = 150 Rs.
So I think that’s correct (since they have mentioned Rs instead of Jewels)


No, this is also written as per old reward structure.

But why creates confusion in mind? Simply put it as 750 jewels.

In the future, jewels can be redeemed as vouchers, so in that case, the value will vary depending on the voucher.

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@Satyajit_Singh Can you check this once? It was a known issue.
Note: Since we recently made the changes to the rewards structure, all the other tabs/pages will get adapted to the new amounts. Some will be instant. Some will be done in a bit.

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Yes, it is now changed to 750 j

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