Super Pots’ self-destruction makes them useless

I was excited when Super Pots with higher interest rates were introduced. I spent a few minutes studying how they work, and it was immediately obvious to me that they were useless to me.

Every pot I create is to save for a future expense. When I need the money is not always precise. I kinda know that I’ll need the money by around 2nd week of March, but it’s hard to tell if it’s 9th March or 17th March.

Jupiter automatically destroying the super pot on maturity is a bad idea.

Instead, on maturity, why not convert the super pot to a regular pot and keep the money in the pot itself? That way, I don’t lose track of how much money I have for each expense. I also can benefit from the higher interest earned by super pots.

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I’ve had the same thought.

If the pot gets destroyed and the money is deposited into the savings account, the chances of that getting spent is easier.

Although there are multiple notifications about the pot money being deposited into the account, there is a friction for creating a new regular pot with that money.

Exactly. One has to go out of their way to create a new pot after the previous one has been auto-destroyed.

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Good Idea…