SIP Investment

Instead of clubbing all SIP’s and showing the clubbed Absolute Returns & XIRR. You should show it SIP wise so one can understand the portfolio returns.

You should also give a nudge on portfolio churn & it’s frequency.


While I understand where you are coming from, I actually like this simple, single, clean, clubbed view. No folio numbers, etc.

If what you mean is just a notification and not suggestion on what to churn, it is a great suggestion.

But if it is suggesting what to sell, while this may be great for the normal investor, it could become controversial especially during market volatility.

And it might be a lot of work for Jupiter. Investment advice et. al.

Just a gentle prod in the direction of what Zerodha has to offer. The nudge should be something like there is active churn in the portfolio by the fund manager or something like past data shows the portfolio manager of this particular fund keeps an average of 8% of the total AUM as cash.

FYI, if you go to buy a stock that has had negative results for more than 5 consecutive months, Zerodha will notify you that “this stock has had negative results for 8 consecutive months.”

Investment advice should not be there because you are not full fledged equity broker.

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A simple and clean view should be the thing. I am not denying or objecting that.

However, there should be an option for active investors to deep dive portfolio-wise as well - perhaps after clicking on the clubbed view; one get an individual portfolio level view.

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@kingzeusvj understood. Thanks for the clarification. :smiley:

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@kingzeusvj I agree… that would be cool. Diving deep on clicking the clubbed view. There should some way to analyse your portfolio.