One view of investments

getting one view of investments would be a great feature since no other bank currently has this feature. the possibilities of gamifying the experience there after are numerous


It ought to be a difficult task imo because it depends whether the investment firm you invest your holdings with, have an API for third party apps to enable this feature. But tbh, this can be a really awesome feature.

The new age tech firms like Zerodha do have APIs enabled as Tickertape and Smallcase can fetch your details. But don’t know about the rest.


Yep integrating zerodha will allow the users to see their holding/investment value of stocks inside jupiter.


There a bunch of apps that already show all your investments in one view. I am using ind money app for this purpose and its quite good with all the insights that it provides

But their UI is too cluttered… it’s not a SIMPLE UI as jupiter.

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Yes i have used IND money and its quiet decent but there are lot of areas that can be improved since it ingests data from cas stmts transactions are not captured so we can see gain and loss from the point in time when we enabled the feature. Zerodha and Upstox allow for APi access but all other investment platforms get left out especially for investor who directly transact on the AMC portal.