Show end date in app for Salary & Pro account benefits more transparently (based on Salary credit date)

So I believe if salary isn’t credited for 2 months in a row, then the salary benefits are auto revoked by Jupiter. However in Jupiter there’s no convenient way to know what was the last detected date by them for salary credit, and till when will the salary account benefits be active - which should be basically 2 months from the salary credit date and updated as and when using the same calculation once the salary credits again in the subsequent month.

Fi shows this transparently in their app and also updates this proactively whenever there’s a new salary credit, showing till when are the salary benefits active. There’s no transparency about the same on Jupiter. If you revoke my salary account privileges without giving me sufficient and complete information from the start, then that’s not right and not acceptable. Especially more so given, that the new pricing depends on salary/pro account status for subsequent FY. Can this be please fixed soon? Should be a small and trivial UI change? Hope such a small change shouldn’t take very long?

I’m not sure if Pro accounts also display this end date transparently or not anywhere in the app, but if they don’t please add this too in the same place where you are showing account tier, beside it somewhere just show till when are the account tier benefits active.

@Jiten @Shawnpinto


I am not sure about the Salary account, but what I understood from various posts by community members (specially from the link below) is that, the PRO account clearly shows the date till which a member gets the benefits, i.e., the expiry date.

Sure, like i mentioned in the post I wasn’t aware of the pro account. So in that case just the date for salary account is missing then which needs to be added. Can this be please added soon to the app? @Jiten @Shawnpinto

The date and time stamp are WIP.
It will take slightly longer to release this.

ok thanks. do you know tentatively by when should this change be done? (not asking for a concrete date obviously, as I understand priorities) but a tentative date would be helpful
@Shawnpinto @Jiten