Jupiter’s faulty notification and poor customer service

I have been using Jupiter for a while and I have maintained a balance of more than 12k Rs in my account, which is the minimum requirement for the pro subscription. However, I still get a persistent notification above the account balance that urges me to add more money to my account or else my pro subscription will expire soon. This is very annoying and misleading, as my pro subscription is valid until September and I have already paid for it. I tried to contact the customer care service about this issue, but they did not seem to care or understand the problem. They asked me what is the problem with the notification and why I am bothered by it. They did not offer any solution or explanation for this error. I feel like they are not respecting their customers and their feedback. I am very disappointed with this experience and I hope they will fix this bug and remove the notification as soon as possible.


What is the NRV amount in the PRO tab is it showing more than 10K or less?

Alec, while the pop up can be a bit annoying, my assumption is the message is to nudge you to increase your account balance and not cut it too close. Plus, the more save in your account, it dives more business for Jupiter.

Ya, this is annoying. I’m just going to close my jupiter account if I keep getting annoying Notifications because I accually don’t even need the pro cause I don’t shop much on the eligible merchents anyway.

If it is showing that you are a PRO till September, it means you are quite new to Jupiter and have recently ordered a debit card.
Read more here Pro Tab

However if you have added money this month then the average balance might take time to stabilise.

The reason I had asked for the NRV value is it could be possible that the system might have a different value than the actual average balance and hence the notification pops up.

Rest assured if you have ordered the debit card recently and have availed the offer you can continue to enjoy the benefits even if the pop up says otherwise.


Agree with Abhishek’s observation on the balance getting updated. It does operate on an arrears principle.

Dear @alec ,
@Abhishek_Ulayil has mentioned some potential possibilities, but there’s also a chance that it could be a bug specific to the user. Considering that the validity is stated until September, it seems unlikely that the Pro status and its associated benefits will expire before the mentioned date.
It is better to avoid such notifications; I know it’s a bit disturbing. Hopefully, the relevant team will reach out to you and resolve the issue soon.

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As for eligible merchants if you use your debit card online or offline you can get rewards basically at any merchant except a few related to gambling/finance/wallet etc…
The listed 5 merchants are for rewards on UPI transactions.

Hope that clears out rewards structure a bit…

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Do you have the details of the previous ticket raised for this? If yes, you might want to share it Shawn via DM and there could be a possibility of things getting rechecked. They might ask for some additional information to troubleshoot or they may say this is their way to nudging users. It’s worth a try.

Na, zomato swiggy dunzo and the myntra is very expensive to buy anything and Uber person usually ask for the cash or the cash is default way of the payment anyways I’m a college student I don’t take cabs much.

You should probably see this notification when your NRV is less than 10K. In this case, this information is relevant, so that you can stay informed. If this information is displayed even though your NRV is 10K then there is something wrong.

And yes. I am very recent to join the Jupiter that’s why I think I should close the account till 19 may cause my closing is free till that date.

But I have it till September.

That’s fine, but it’s not a bad idea to keep users informed. They want users to continue taking advantage of their features .

By the way, you are correct my nrv is 8000 because I added the money later. But still I don’t want to add more money till the August because I’m anyway getting the pro till September because I paid 300 + get for the debit card.

So,it might mean that I will get that notification till the August without any reason.

And who is Shawn by the way. Because I think I have the ticket number. Is it the 7 digit number.

I understand that(I don’t buy from there either) but you can use your debit card anywhere like buying books from amazon or eating out in an restaurant etc, you will still get rewards for them .

May be it will continue to be shown till then and even after that it may be shown as 'Your PRO membership is expired ’ . But you should not worry there is a cross above it to remove it, use that to remove this notification.

He is the manager of Jupiter community.