Screenshot feature for the Jupiter app

Hi can anyone suggest an app to take screenshot of Jupiter app screens.

Because everytime getting a proof is hard as the experience sucks.


If you’re using a Windows laptop, you might give the “Connect to Wireless Display” app a try. Turn on the screen cast option on your phone and see if you can view the Jupiter app on your laptop screen. Most probably it will not display protected content. (but you can give a try)

Installing third-party apps on your phone can be risky.

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IOS users can take screenshots directly

For Android users, you need a pc for it.

I agree with screenshot issue. I think it is a security feature to prevent anydesk/ teamviewer scams. :thinking:


Tight security can be a hassle. But it’s worth it.

Then does IOS, doesn’t care about privacy??

I think IOS doesn’t support that feature :thinking:. No sure.

In android the screen recording API is a bit restrictive. The scrcpy method wont work on device with android 13 or above(atleast for my device).