How are you guys taking screenshot 🙄

Cant take screenshot inside jupiter app

I have seen many people posting screenshot of bugs inside jupiter app. In my phone i cant take it. Some sort of anti screenshot and screen record protection is there for jupiter app🥲…

How can i take screenshot so that i could report the issues here at community?

Its better to have screenshot protection only where we enter our upi pin, mpin and not everywhere

@Aswin_Benny We can’t allow screenshots in the Jupiter app, it’s part of our regulations.
But you can do is, explain the bug you’ve seen in - Bug hunters 🐞 - Jupiter Community in the particular format and we’ll look into it :slight_smile:

iOS devices however are a different case. iOS gives limited power/control to app developers hence we couldn’t disable screenshots there.

Many tried to take a photo from another device in some cases.


laughs menacingly in iOS