Need clarity:(

I don’t understand,

why customer executive nudges customer to get an screenshot to solve an issue on the app. when customer don’t have access to take the screenshot on Android device.

Even though Jupiter knows about this, why are they not able to solve this yet?

Suggestion: Allowing to take screenshot should be enabled and disabled for certain sections. This can help for security purposes.

@Jiten @Nikhil_Godbole Please work on this, as this is creating a very frustrating user experience for both customer as well as


@Ajieethdesign this is a good idea.

I am not sure that this is an Android restriction or Jupiter’s restriction.

Let’s hope some solution comes out of this thread.

The screen shots help in troubleshooting as the makes tad bit easy to tag the error to a particular module that could be causing the error. Without the screenshot, the time to resolution will longer as the back end team can second guess the issue that may have triggered the error.
While taking screenshots on an Android device is a challenge, that is the least that can be done to assist in troubleshooting