I'm able to run Jupiter app on Rooted Device. and with Support for Sreenshots and Video Recording

Hi. I’m a cyber security researcher based in India. I just discovered a bug in Jupiter App that let’s anyone run Jupiter App on Rooted devices.

Moreover, I was able to take screen shots and video recordings when app is running, which is not allowed on the app natively.

I’m attaching the supporting screenshots as attachments.
You can contact me on emailtosanath@gmail.com, if I forget to respond here. Additionally, Im unable to attach video confirming the same.

Thank you.

I was able to only add single image as attachment. DM me or contact me on the above mentioned email. I will send you the rest.

Screenshot/Video record support support within the app.

Hey, Sanath!

We truly appreciate you for highlighting this. The concerned team is already checking and will take the necessary steps.

I’ll connect with you in DM to get more info on this. Thank you!


I tried modding jupiter app. I made dark mode, Screenshot allowed, allowed it to be installed as clone. They dont even have signature protection also :joy:. My device is not rooted