Savings Hack

I’ve been following this Saving Hack since the inception of my professional career (2007) which is still relevant in today’s time!
Learnt it from Oprah’s shows way back in 2004-05

It goes like, “Save/invest on a weekly basis instead of monthly basis…i.e. if you can save 16k in a month, save 4k every week. Why? Because a year has 52 weeks and not 48 weeks…so effectively, you would be saving one month of extra money without even knowing it!” :smiley:


Did you know that Mobile recharge plans work the same way as well!
Notice how they’re like 28 day packs and not 1 month packs. You end up getting 13 recharges (28*13=364) instead of 12.


My salary comes and I save monthly, how can you shift from.monthly to saving weekly - any ideas on that ?

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Never really thought like this. Will try and implement. Thanks for posting this

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@sss, this advise was primarily targeted to Americans who get salary on a weekly basis. However, once u get used to it, it will strengthen your saving habits like no other thing. You will be more focused on saving every week. And even if you don’t get to save for one week for some reason, it’s always better than not able to save for the whole month.

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@raviteja.avvari - SIPs do offer weekly remittances. By doing the same math as suggested in the first post by @Usman, (interesting tip. Thank you, Usman!) it could help you shift. Just before posting this, I did change one of my SIPs to a weekly routine.

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