CCS | The best saving hack you could ever come up with! 💸

Hey folks!

We’re pretty sure you’ve got some tricks up your sleeves for this one. What’s your best saving hack?

Psst… If you asked me, mine would be checking my pockets before dumping my clothes into the laundry.
If I don’t, the notes are going to be in trouble :sweat_smile:

So, what’s yours? :thinking_face:
Let us share them here on this thread.

Have a great day!

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One of the best hacks is using of giftcards. A lot of people out there do not know how to use a gift card and many even don’t know what a gift card is. The gift cards are available at discount on many sites and additionally the reward multipliers from bank help save more. Amex multiplier, hdfc smartbuy, axis grab deals are a few such…the gift cards are also available on gyftr and amazon if you don’t have any of the above bank cards. The best thing about them is that their are applicable even with the store discounts.

Just make sure to read t&c because some are offline only and some are online only. There is also a limit to how many can be combined. Hope this helps someone. Cheers.


Cashbacks Lol

I used to order a lot from Swiggy n zomato.

Now I’ve decided that If I’m having craving for outside food, then I will physically go to restaurant & dine with friends.
Cost is almost same, considering high charges levied by Swiggy and zomato.
This way, the food bill has come down, reduced intake of unhealthy food & got more time to spend with friends.

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  1. before buying anything in flipkart or amazon i would check for price history (lots of third party websites are available)…

So i could get the approximate trends and buy according to it :upside_down_face:

Dont trust the banner of 10% discount :joy:

  1. I usually searches for coupons online before buying

  2. I use gopaisa/cashkaro to get cashbacks too


I definitely need to try these! :space_reading:

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