New Idea - don't know is this good, but want to get opinion

Here is one idea which I got some months ago. So I thought i should post here, My be its not related to Bank but , comes under personalization and its may be good to custmers because Telecome Companies also decided to increase Plans.

Many people do telecome recharge of 479 rs plan for 56 days. Means 479*(365/56)=3122rs

(But, there is also one plan of 2999rs from telcome companies for 365 days validity with 1 OTT subscription extra benifits.)

So, Jupiter will do recharge for customers with 2999 plan and now custmer, instead of paying 479 rs every 56 days. Bank will recover money by auto deduction of 239rs for every 28 Days. So customers will pay 239*(365/28) =3115

customer benefits-

For the 479 plan, the customer would pay 3122, for the 2999 plan, but in EMI - paying same with more Easily. (For non Cashback enthusiasts Customers only)

  1. customer would pay 3115. So the customer would save 3122 - 3115 = 7 (not so much😅)
  2. Customer will get Extra Data
  3. Customer will get complementary OTT subscription.
  4. can save from Plans Price Hikes.

Customers Savings reduced and benifits increased with nearly same amount for increasing ROI & IRR. (Necessary)

Banks Benifits

Per customer Bank need to invest 2999-239(customers will pay 1st for 28days)=2760rs.

Bank will also get 4% commission from telecome companies on 2999rs plan means 119rs as commission bank will earn.
Also bank will get earn from customer

So bank will earn total 119+116= 235 rs per customer.

So ROI will be (23,5/2760)*100= nearly 8.5%

And IRR Will be nearly 10.5% (I don’t know how to calculate but I tried)

For Adding family membersrecharge, Offer 1% cashbach Benifit for every add on member.
Also offer 1% Refferal Benifit.

Its 1 type of Lending or like EMI so Its Risky.
Problem may arise if Want to Port SIM.
Can’t predict about Vi

Solution of problems-

can be reduced by recharging for 6 months instead of 1 year, this can also decrease risk by 50% and also decrease Cash OutFlow
( but this can also reduce Profit and may be customer get less benefits)


How individually, I can use this Concept.

I have 2 friends who do recharge of 299rs per 28 days. (13 times per year)

I thought, i have 6000rs in spare, so instead of earning 3% on savings account. I thought i should recharge for them, and ask for 289 instead of 299.

289*13= 3757

3757- 2999= 758rs

Cashback is Extra profit.


i have two sim cards and i recharge them in alternative months also recharging is kinda free for me thanks to Microsoft rewards


Microsoft reward means?


Visits to know more -


You get points for searching with Microsoft and the rewards points you earn can be redeemed for various gift cards.


Everyone is Not Cashback/Rewards Enthusiastic…:upside_down_face:

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Ferbhi koi Bing pe search nehi karega :joy: Google to Google he Hain

It’s about user perception btw.

The new Bing is far more improved with the integration with ChatGPT.
Though, I prefer using DuckDuckGo and Brave Browser because they prioritize security and privacy, unlike Google’s trackers. As they offer better protection against tracking compared to Google.


You just modified “NO COST EMI”.

Actually no cost emi works similarly.
Say a person purchasing a mobile worth 14999/- but customer don’t have that much cash , also he/she don’t want to pay extra interest charges. Here comes the no cost emi. Suppose the mobile brand is Samsung, so Samsung will partner with any bank or credit card for no cost emi , so when a consumer will use no cost emi,the bank will pay(suppose emi time 6 months , interest rate 12% +1% processing fee so total = 899.94+150 = 1049.94) 14999-1050 = 13949 (approximately) to Samsung and then bank will earn extra interest and processing fee from the consumer.


Yes, Its similar, even its available for VI Customers, but For EMI Processing fees its getting ignored.

In case product purchases, price was already hicked for NO COST EMI.
But here, Customer paying Same Amount and getting some extra benifits, No Need to recharge frequently, also can save themselves from price hike -soon. (No charges, Intreste not Directly).

Indirectly Customer need to pay extra but same amount which they already paying. its necessary to get at least 10% IRR to run Any lending profitably.

Actully, I am not expecting this feature from Jupiter because here IRR is kinda less, But thought I should post may be tgey can launch similier type of model witg modifications).

I posted it , because i don’t know why but i see my some friends feel good pay monthly rather than for 2 months. So its good idea to get benifit from friend😜, by asking them less amount monthly. But, they should be trustworthy.

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i also don’t. I have created a 5 line program in js to do so :slight_smile:. also i have created 5 6 accounts and i almost earning about 1.5k monthly(amazon gift cards) just from bing.

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i also use startpage on a daily basis :slight_smile:


Yep, i also want :raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man:

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I also use bing , from my 3 account I got almost 800 p.m. :grin:

here is my github repo please add a star i have written a manual for your help too.


Because you now i can collect rewards daily, otherwise from months was skipped it because of lazyness :joy:.

I will Add Star for sure, I forgoted my Github Account Email, I will add untill tomorrow. :+1::+1:

I thought Microsoft rewards wasn’t available in India!


Nah I am a google guy.


thanks man :slight_smile: