Investing Spare Change on the Go

A feature that rounds up the change on every purchase one makes to the next tens place (For eg, If the bill is of Rs 62 then savings would be of Rs 8) and automatically invest that money in a ‚Äúpersonalized investment portfolio to cater to one of the goal-based pods.‚ÄĚ
This can promote regular investing!


Also a feature where one can set up recurring investments on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to help invest regularly would be a cool addition

While this is not going to make anyone rich overnight, this feature I feel will provide so much knowledge about investing for those who (like me) had no idea about it before getting into it!

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How about adding an option for for investment personalization, such as selecting a specific stock or fund for your portfolio?

Save money passively in addition to actively playing with the market. Wow! This takes all the complications out of saving by doing it for you while making it easy for you to understand what your money is doing.

The pioneer of round-up savings linked to spends

No wonder why Paypal bought them :money_mouth_face:

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If the spare change is invested in a liquid fund, then it’s a good move I guess

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Any thoughts on Spennyapp?

While saving by rounding off a transaction is good. I feel that does not complete the story.

For example, if my average transaction in a month is 500 and I make 100 transactions. I would be saving around 10 X 100 -> 1,000 INR.

Take another person, whose average transaction is 100 INR and makes 100 transactions in a day. Even this guy is going to invest the same amount.

I think it should be based on slabs(like taxes), if the system ( ah, AI ), understands that I spend on many high ticket items, the AI should help me in that regard. And the help should be, saving/investing of money to make the next high value purchase

Conclusion: expense% > math.ceil(expense)

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‚ÄėRounding up‚Äô is just one rule-based saving options. There could be multiple rules enabled for various use cases.
Many such rules are mentioned on this thread

Add your rules here?

Thank you @sneh.baxi, will do so :slight_smile:

Yeah this would be a Good thing to have. Plus having an option of how much the amount gets rounded off to (i.e 62 can get rounded off to 70 or if one wants to invest more then it can be 100 too ) or how much one wants to invest (in total) in a month would be even better.

Also I recently came across this upcoming app with the same concept called Bravo maybe you’d wanna check it out

hey the link is broken, can u repost it ?

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