Invest The Change

How Niyox has introduced the idea of investing the change .
It works this way , If say you spend 41 rs for a transaction then the next multiple of 10 is 50
So wallet will invest the 50-41=9 rs in your chosen mutual fund .
This would make us keep the track of expenses in mind easy and simultaneously we would be investing .


Interesting feature! @Ssk2407!
Have you been using it? If yes, for how long?

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Jupiter should also bring this feature. Separate pot could be used as store for this.

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@Dhruv Yes, this will have to be stored separately since its functions differently.

@Ssk2407 @Dhruv Some doubts. Could you explain:

Let’s say I make my first transaction of Rs. 50. Then another transaction of Rs. 100 later.
the difference is Rs.50. Where does this 50 come from? Is this amount stored in your account balance at first or some kind of wallet? Then I’m guessing this amount goes to the mutual fund account.

Is it like this?

Transaction is rounded off to nearest multiple of 10 and resulting change is invested.
Ex. I paid 52 on Amazon. Then 8 will be invested (52+8=60).
For Rs. 50 transaction, no change so no investment (50+0=50).

Regarding mechanism, the change is deducted from main savings account and stored in some kind of wallet. And from there Invested to choosen MF. Jupiter can use Its Pots feature for change storage.

Option to choose rounding off can also be given to users. Ex. Multiple of 5 or 10 or 50, etc as per one’s wish.
PS- I hvnt used Niyox feature.

Oh! Got it. Thanks for the explanation @Dhruv :slight_smile:

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Will this feature be available in Jupiter?

@Dhruv This is an interesting feature indeed.
We have a savings feature at the moment. But this looks like a spare change kind of add on.
Conveyed it to our product team, let’s see if it’s possible/needed :grimacing:

Question. Let’s say if this feature was available, would you use it? If yes, how often?

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Yes. I would definitely use it. It will be kind of automatic savings to Pots account. I would prefer rounding off to nearest multiple of 10 and then after every transaction some amount would be saved to Pots.

I have been observing this feature request quite often. But let me explain how we pick up feature request through community. Here is the process;
a) Note down the feature
b) Debate internally whether feature makes sense or is it already part of roadmap?
c) Ask users what they do otherwise to meet the need today?
d) Surprisingly, there are 10+ apps in market which do job of change investing but not working bcoz this is one feature which is in Wishlist but users are not making use. They are not even taking any effort to find out about those apps.

Clearly that shows whether it is a real need or just a good to have feature without any real need by the users. Hope this clarifies why it is not part of our immediate roadmap. If each of community members can share screenshot of which app they used and for how long for change investing, we will give it serious thought to prioritise.
Until then it goes in to Wishlist.


Hi @Jiten,
I understand and agree with your point. Its desirable to have clutterfree app.

Meanwhile, if any community member wants this feature, pitch in here.

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