Personal Finance Mgmt Ideas: Coin Jar Style:

Coin Jar: When you spend it rounds your transaction up to the nearest pound and saves the pennies to the “Coin Jar” pot.

I’ll get started with some other ones i’ve thought of:

Save Over X: When you get paid (Positive amount over Rs 1000) it saves anything over “X”… So if you have a pot called “Save Over Rs 20000”, and get paid Rs 30000, and have Rs 3000 left in your account on payday, it’ll save Rs13000 and you’ll start the month with exactly Rs 20000

Quiet Coin Jar: Same as coin jar, but without the feed items.

Precise Coin Jar: Same as coin jar, but based on all balance update events, ensures that your balance always ends in .00

X comes from this pot : For example, Starbucks comes from this pot would mean anytime you spend at Starbucks, it automatically moves that amount out of this pot and back into your main account.

X every day: Every day, move X into my main account (Great for eeking out your student loans)

Tell me what you’ll think? and if you have any other ways of achieving this?


Linked savings account whatever is in the pot at the end of the week/month gets sent to a linked account that pays interest - its all to easy to send your saving back to your current account and spend it


Rainy Day Jar - On days where it rains a small amount of money(200, 500, 1000 etc) will automatically move into your rainy day jar, maybe throw in a multiplier for consecutive rainy days. Snow days cost double! This might help save a fortune!


Fitness Jar: I’m thinking something along the lines of a penalty for every day you don’t meet your fitness goal. For example, for every day I don’t do at least x amount of active minutes I set a rate of x amount to be transferred to a pot. Would obviously need to be linked to Fitbit or some other tracker to work. Some motivation to use that gym membership I buy every year on 1st of January with so much hope!


Self-Tax Coin Jar: Apply personalised tax rates on guilty pleasures or the things you just shouldn’t be buying. Choose x merchant to apply a y% premium to. E.g. Purchases from Mcdonalds carry a 50% premium which goes into the Self-Tax Coin Jar


Averages Jar On a day where you haven’t spent anything, automatically calculate your average daily spend based on the last 3 months of spending, and move that into a new jar :smiley:

This seems like an IFTTT X Monzo rules.

Find all of them here

many enable savings!

Amazon Jar - Similar to x comes from x jar. Requires a link into your emails but puts aside money based on what your order email from Amazon says. Then when the charge actually comes through it’ll come from the pot.

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