Relatable 'transaction narration'

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Prashant suggested:

More clarity in the ‘transaction narration’ in account statements could reduce reconciliation effort

  • I pay all my utility bills I.e phone, electricity, mobile postpaid via BBPS, would be helpful to know biller name
  • I pay all my credit cards bills via Cred on different dates, would be helpful to know the associated credit card number

Yeah my bank accounts are horrible in nature right now, can’t look at them and understand what’s going on:

For an example merchant name doesn’t come up, it shows something which I can’t read, then it says ecs Paytm money solutions which I understand to be mutual fund sip and all but why can’t they simplify it I mean.

Its enlightening in some sense even :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: one of my card statements reflected “Bundl Technologies” as a merchant I had bought from. Which led me to a googling journey and got to know that’s the parent entity for Swiggy :face_with_hand_over_mouth: