Registering account is not working

While creating a new account on android’s latest app. After Aadhar KYC it is showing something snapped.

I closed and reopen the app but the error is still there. It’s a very bad experience for a new user I referred and talked all good things about Jupiter. But his first experience was a bad one.

Please have a look. It’s a bug.

Cc: @Shawnpinto

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Yeah, we need a better onboarding experience. Especially, when something snaps, a more insightful error message needs to be shown.

It’s been almost a year and many edge cases would have been encountered and addressed by now to warrant a much clearer error message copy. Please work on this, team Jupiter.

First impression is the best! Don’t leave a new user hanging/ clueless.


@Binoy 100%
A message like that would confuse the user and spoil the experience.
Let me share this one with the team.

@CHETAN_KUMAR_RAWAT In the meantime, could you share your friends details so that we can check what went wrong? Thanks!
Dm’d you :slight_smile:


same issue here while trying to create an account

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