Redefining Customer Experience - Exploring New operating models & Tech.- AR/VR etc

Starting with a Re-post to continue the discussion,

At present, a mini AR/VR experience is available without an app, just by scanning a QR Code on our phones.

So considering that all the data, transaction details are available in the Jupiter app, at a click you can give a mini AR/VR experience where a digital character gives a lecture :slight_smile: on the usage/transaction / Tips and name it what.

And if the experience can be optimized, the character can pop up and double up as a chatbot assistant (a real 3D character) - A great step up from the existing auto chatbots and can answer our queries/share inputs.

e.g. Hey Jupiter, show me the expense categories this month - The character pops up and gives a 3D split for us to view rather than scrolling on the screen.