Quest for Metal 💳


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Wow! Looking nice


Is this because of branding guidelines or some obligation that fed bank logo has to be in front? Because it takes away the whole design language. If it where up to me at least il convince the fed banks folks to settle for a line based logo but like outline rather than colour version. It would look dope.

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That’s one of the reasons, yup @sololander :cry_cat:

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@Shawnpinto @raj_jupiter

Where is the leaderboard in the app or noticeboard or email digests?

Looks like there is zero transparency

We will convey your position in the game via the notice board and regular email digests. These email digests will also convey the top Moon & Comet holders along with count so everyone knows who is at the top.’


Any update on when the leaderboard will be put up?

Hey @Sanish_Samuel :wave:t3:

Let me help in clarifying a few things for Quest For Metal :credit_card:
The notice board does appear on the QFM page.


  • You will have to unlock a moon/Comet or reward.
  • There’s a message (Just like the images above) for the top 30% of players. It shows the ranking in %.

Hi @Shawnpinto ,
Today, I received a mail from Jupiter mentioning the top 5 comet and moon collectors (only the numbers without names).
On seeing it, I am very sure that I must have been in the elite list of moon collectors but my moon count was not there. I am not sure why.
Can you please help me out on this?

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Waiting for the updates on this @Shawnpinto .

Hey @RaghavS ,

The mail only includes the comet and moon count of top collectors. The names will not be shown.

Since you’ve mentioned this, let’s connect separately.
Could you send me a snap of the email you’ve received on DM?


Anyone have any news about a pot quest happened in January…

A big no the Federal branding on the front side. Strike a deal with them and take it to the other side. Or, ask them to water down and introduce a less flashy minimal logo that blends with the card design.

It’s a premium offering for a reason!


@here Hello everyone! :wave:

The Quest For Metal - PRO Edition has officially ended. Thank you so much for trying it out, and sharing feedback on the overall game.

For the next steps,

  • We are currently deciding the winners and they will be announced next week.
  • You will see a pop up on the Quest For Metal screen. It will let you know if you have won.
  • Winners will be contacted.

Metal Card

Thank you all for sharing your initial impressions of our metal card. We've passed on every feedback that was mentioned here to the team.

Things to consider:

  • The Federal logo will have to be in the front, but it can be placed anywhere on the back.
  • The teal/green will remain.
  • There will be a few design changes. We’ll be showing it to the Community first, here on this thread.
  • The new design will be implemented for the next version of Quest For Metal, not the current one.

Stay tuned for future versions of the Quest For Metal series.
Pssst… a spoiler from the team :eyes:

One of our old games is coming back soon! I wonder which one? :slight_smile:


Is it the iPhone game ?

I hope it is the 6 weeks savings challenge :raised_hands:

The Federal logo will have to be in the front, but it can be placed anywhere on the back
Are you saying Federal logo will be in front?

The new design will be implemented for the next version of Quest For Metal, not the current one
Are you gonna send current design card to the winners in QFM2?

For now, yes.

Correct, it will be similar to the Sample card.
But with a few changes. Here’s how the latest one could look like - Community update | February 2023 📢

@Abhishek_Ulayil @nishesh You definitely read my mind.
Was I too obvious? :blob_worried:

I am not able to see Any Quiest in my App even, Jupiter app also updated.

Are there any winners among us for this edition of Quest for Metal ?

Hello everyone,

The wait is over and we’ve got our winners for the Quest For Metal - PRO Edition!! :credit_card:
We’ve come a long way to get here.

After checking out the winner lists for both the Metal Card and the Luxury travel membership, we noticed some of them are from the Community!

To recap, there are 40 winners in total.

  • 20 for Metal Card (10 by stats and 10 lucky draws)
  • 20 for the Luxury travel membership (10 by stats and 10 lucky draws)

We’re planning to make a full reveal on Instagram later. But for now, let’s give a shoutout to our top Comet and Moon collectors! :party_parrot: :clap: :confetti:

Metal Card winners 💳

Luxury travel membership 🏖️

Congratulations folks! We’ll be sending you an email with the next steps and how you can claim your rewards.

For the other participants, you can see the latest update for winners on the Quest For Metal page.

Thank you all for participating and contributing to the overall game.
With this, the 2nd version of our Quest For Metal series has come to an end. :slight_smile:

I wonder what’s the next series. :grin: Some of you might already know. Shhhhh.