Provide The Jupiter Credit Card

Provide The Free :heart_eyes:Metal​:heart_eyes:Credit Card From Jupiter (Federal Bank) and Jupiter Application is Very peak Of The Banking Services

Hey, @Sk_Ananth Welcome to the community :wave:
Credit Cards are already in testing phase. We’ll see it in upcoming weeks.

Welcome to the community @Sk_Ananth :+1:
You can read all the latest news and updates regarding Jupiter’s credit card from here:

As mentioned there, we all are excited about the launch of credit card.

Regarding metal cards, you can upgrade to them in nearby future, but definitely not for free :rofl:

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Thank You Answer…
But I Think First Provide The Free Metal Credit Card…


You can join for the Metal Debit card discussion here :arrow_heading_down:


As I mentioned earlier, I strongly recommend that you keep connected with this community to stay updated on all the latest news. Up until now, all information regarding credit cards is top secret and known only to the relevant product team. All the queries regarding details such as whether it is a metal card or not, whether it offers a lifetime free option or incurs annual charges, and whether it belongs to the Rupay, Visa, or Mastercard network, will be answered In the upcoming weeks.