Pro Tab is not working

The pro tab in app is showing error @Shawnpinto .

I am not yet converted to PRO. But, me too is recieving the same error message

Both of you, please report this via the support channels.

I noticed the issue as well, but unfortunately, the chat support was already closed then, so I couldn’t report it. I didn’t pay too much attention to it, assuming it might be a temporary problem that would likely be resolved by morning.

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I have reported to the support channel via email.

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Yeah I also am not a PRO member.

Reported the Issue via email. :+1:
The chat option is not available, and as mentioned by @saurabh.s, it could be a temporary glitch that is likely to be resolved tomorrow.
So, PRO users are also facing the same issue? or is it only for normal account users?

Also, I have some strong feelings that whether Jupiter is replacing the PRO tab with the community option as Shawn asked in a previous post. :eyebrow: :eyebrow:


This might be the case

Hey everyone thanks for pointing this out. We are looking into the issue. Will keep you updated!


Thanks for the prompt support. The issue is fixed now. Pro Tab is back to normal

Hey everyone can you please the PRO Tab now? It should be working fine now!


It’s working fine now :space_thumb:

Great! Thanks for reporting this issue, folks.
Let’s keep an eye on it for a bit.


Yeah It’s fixed now!

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